Brill Media takes a stand for the advertising agencies, companies and entrepreneurs who propel their businesses through advanced advertising and marketing practices. We believe that programmatic media buying opens up opportunities to power business across the spectrum of marketers who make a difference, fill a niche and serve customers. We are matchmakers who speak the language of business: data, automation and creativity. Our work connects marketers to consumers effectively, scalably and profitably.

  • Network Network Freelance

    We deploy a distributed network of programmatic experts from across the US. Members including buying, data, sales, and analysis experts with decades of experience at advertising agencies and large marketing organizations.

    ANDY O’LEARY Social Media Manager

    Andy heads up social content development. Prior, he held creative roles for startups and advertising agencies in California. Andy received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

  • Robert Brill
    Robert Brill Founder and CEO

    Robert is the Founder and CEO of Prior, Robert held senior leadership positions for agencies in Los Angeles and New York, and has developed programmatic solutions since 2010.