Advertising and the technologies that power the industry evolve every 3-6 months. Companies pivot, roll out new products, and change the way their platforms operate. Inventory providers, data providers and all the intermediary technologies create a limitless set of opportunities if you know how to leverage this tech.

BrillMedia is connected to the larger programmatic ecosystem through a network of partners, vendors and suppliers.

Client work includes strategy development for businesses units. We educate about a range of topics, from the topline fundamentals of the programmatic ecosystem down to platform specific nuances. Marketers are trained on a variety of demand side platforms, data management platforms and supply side platforms. We advise on contract negotiations and develop white papers.

A combination of deep marketplace insights and intimate knowledge of the landscape positions us to lead the product development cycle for new programmatic technologies.

Clients ask us to handle yield optimization services for publishers, business development and develop best practices.


  • Write white papers
  • Programmatic education
  • Product development
  • Contract negotiations
  • Sales support
  • Positioning strategies
  • Marketing support

Learn about the programmatic ecosystem with enterprise training and hands on marketplace development. Start with programmatic 101, or go right into the details of trading best practices.

Build Infrastructure

Get help determining whether you need separate DSP and DMPs, or an all in one solution. Negotiate pricing across your vendors. Develop a programmatic marketplace strategy. Build your buying team with best practices and how-to’s.

Business Development

Access a network of programmatic professionals who sell private marketplace deals, have extensive industry contacts, and who are programmatic experts.

Product Development

Learn from existing technologies and expert knowledge of the programmatic marketplace to build custom technology solutions. BrillMedia has experience with programmatic  product development.

Programmatic Confusion Abounds

There is significant confusion in the marketplace over terminology regarding programmatic, RTB, programmatic direct, programmatic premium, and other terms being used interchangeably.