Start with an expertly crafted media strategy and set Key Performance Indicators. Activate effective and scalable advertising campaigns targeting over 93,000 audience data points all across display, video, mobile, social and native inventory. Reach the right users through syndicated audience data from over 40 partners, contextual data, hyperlocal data and remarketing.

Work with partner dynamic creative solutions to optimize and serve the most resonant creative iteration to users.

Through a single insertion order leverage our suite of Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and Data Management Platforms (DMPs), media inventory from across the globe and cross channel / cross device targeting. We’ll make sure your inventory is safe with our always-on brand safety, viewability and fraud prevention filters.

Activate private marketplace deals from over 1,000 publisher partners. Access first look inventory before it reaches the open exchange environment.

Leverage daily campaign optimization, expert iterative strategy testing, custom audience modeling and cross channel attribution to drive business results.


  • 10B impressions available daily
  • Worldwide media targeting
  • 93k syndicated data points
  • Custom Audience Profiles
  • Cross Channel Targeting
  • Hyperlocal Media
  • Custom Audience Profiles

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Programmatic Media Is Big Advertising

Programmatic Ad Spending across Display, Mobile and Video will account for $27.47B in 2017.