Advertising is now a predominantly data and automated media buying ecosystem. We’ll develop a custom trading desk strategy to ensure you unlock the full power of programmatic buying with complete control and transparency that the large agency trading desks use. Within 90 days you’ll have an analysis of the media that is most important to your clients, meetings with at least five Demand Side Platforms (DSP), negotiations in place to start trading, full training about how to use the DSP. Best of all there’s no risk to hire a staff of programmatic experts.

Brill Media will trade on your behalf with complete buying transparency.


  • Custom media buying analysis
  • Demand Side Platform Recommendations
  • Data Management Platform Recommendations
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Onboard Trading Services Within 90 Days
  • Brill Media trades transparently for you

Building Your Trading Desk

  • Analyze Media Needs

    Detailed analysis of your current media buys, partners, channels and performance.

  • Develop Business Strategy

    Determine the business model and success metrics. Decide on service needs, media requirements and business outcomes.

  • Build Infrastructure

    Meet with vendors, negotiate contracts and launch. Look for technical compliment, cultural fit and value.

  • Run Media Campaigns operates your DSP and DMP infrastructure with full transparency. In-house team members learn trading best practices.

Why Agency Trading Desks Are Critical

Agency trading desks are an operationally efficient model that can offer multiple benefits: better targeting, richer insights, better integration/consistency of service and better ROI.

-ANA Agency Trading Desk White Paper