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Branded Content On Facebook Live

Brands have been sponsoring Periscope live streams since 2015 through direct relationships with creators, and officially through Twitter since September 2016.

Modern Restaurant Marketing

“You’re the duopoly! You love marketing and you love food!” That’s the best type of call. A mutual contact recommended to an entrepreneur who is looking for marketing efforts immediately.

Building Your Business: Growth Hacking vs Giving It All Away

Today I’m going to muse on the work of building, laying foundation and growing organically. There are two schools of thought around marketing, and I’m looking to see if they actually work together, or whether they are diametrically opposed to each other.

Small Business Marketing With Geo-Location

72% of consumers have smart phones, with higher compositions among Hispanic and African American audiences, it’s critical to acknowledge and use the power that smart phones make available to consumers.

Martech is evolving

On The Future Of MarTech and AdTech

We discuss the prevalence of audience targeting, the ability to leverage large data systems for very precise targeting, and the evolution of the advertising space over the last 5-10 years.

People Based Marketing Rocks

Even if you aren’t logged into one of the big social media providers you may still be connected to one of the other large walled garden companies like Google and Verizon.

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