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Where Does Your Facebook Data Come From?

Facebook advertising is super powerful. Often we’re asked to detail how Facebook data is derived, defined and delivered. So, here are some details about Facebook’s ad targeting

The Sales Feedback Loop For Media Publishers

It’s clear that before maximizing revenue, sales organizations (and entrepreneurs of all stripes) need to define exactly what they are and what the market opportunity actually is.

The Power of Twitter for Businesses

Social media has changed the way we communicate and market our businesses. There are a few platforms that impact the growth of our business, so today we’re talking about Twitter.

Inspiration At Silicon Beach Fest

As I sit at Perry’s Café in the heart of Silicon Beach, Santa Monica, watching the sun worshippers, tourists and locals congregating for a leisurely Sunday afternoon, I reflect on the week that has been underscored by a fantastic Silicon Beach Fest 2016.

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