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Political advertising techniques are available to smaller marketers

How Small Business Can Market Like The Big Political Advertising Groups

It is estimated that $10B is spent on election advertising some of this is broad targeting to wide swaths of audiences in the US. Many of these ads are very highly targeted to individuals based on demographic data, interests, attitudes, purchase habits and data that suggests leaning toward certain points of view.

What is geo-behavioral targeting?

How We Define Geo-Behavioral Targeting

In yesterday’s post, we talked about Place Based Remarketing, and on Thursday we talked about hyperlocal ads. You can learn more about it from our product page here. Today we’re talking about Geo-Behavioral Targeting which is an extension of hyperlocal advertising.

Emarketer is reporting that programmatic ad fraud is on ad buyers list of things to solve

Programmatic Ad Fraud Fears Require A Call To Action

Programmatic is a robust and still growing opportunity for our ecosystem. With change comes opportunity and apprehension, as evidenced by the latest report from eMarketer showing that “nearly 60% of ad agency professionals said they were fearful about the inventory quality available when engaging in programmatic buys.”

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today