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Influencer marketing ecosystem has lots of new opportunities

Organizing the Influencer Marketing Landscape

This is a complicated space with advertising agencies, PR companies, influencer specialist agencies, measurement companies, research businesses, individual creators and social media platforms working in compliment of each other to reach consumers.

The programmatic decision tree about real time bidding and programmatic direct buys

The Programmatic Decision Tree From eMarketer

eMarketer continues to share important data for the evolution of the programmatic marketplace.  If you’re not sure about programmatic media, whether you’re buying it, or how you can buy it take a look at this simple decision tree.  Use it to identify the type of programmatic media you’re buying.

Digital media creates opportunities for understanding consumer behavior

Digital Media Incursions

A recent article on Quartz, Thanks to audit firms, Math Men are taking over Madison Avenue, points the spotlight at new entrants into the advertising business.  Consultants are incurring on advertising agency territory with acquisitions of nimble creative, digital and traditional media shops.

Thoughts on the GRP TRP debate

Data is a Casualty of Digital GRP TRP Campaigns

In a recent post on AdExchanger titled GRP Integration Is A Waste Of Time Joe Mandel, President of PrecisionDemand argues the merits of pushing past GRP / TRP digital video buying in today’s landscape. One key point is that GRP as measurement, simply reach vs frequency, is a way of delivering campaigns without the benefit of vivid metrics relating to length of exposure, lifts in interest and ad interactivity. Agreed.

Programmatic media ecosystem chart

Programmatic Everywhere

A new IAB and Winterberry Group study called Programmatic Everywhere? (Programmatic Everywhere!) shows the updated marketplace for programmatic media and its value proposition.

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today