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App Remarketing Opportunities

App remarketing is a great way to pull users through a purchase funnel when the user is having an experience directly insider an app.

Part 1 Facebook Remarketing Opportunities

In this post, we’ll talk about how to turn on Facebook remarketing, with the focus on how Facebook and Instagram data helps connect an advertiser to its customers.

How To Turn On Site Remarketing

Site remarketing allows advertisers to serve ads to people who recently visited their site. If you stop there, and you do this, you are doing remarketing. But, let’s dive into how this happens, and the types of ways site remarketing can be activated.

Types of Remarketing Signals

In this episode we’ll start talking about the different types of remarketing that can be deployed for advertisers.

Introduction To Remarketing

Remarketing is one of the most powerful tools available for advertisers, and in the next few post, we’ll dive into details about what it is, how you can deploy it, and the theory behind remarketing.

Logic For Dynamic Creative

We discuss dynamic creative with a focus on the benefits for the ad buying team, who is responsible for driving performance for the advertiser.

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