Enterprise Solutions: Bespoke Programmatic Ad Buying Systems

For large enterprise marketers and ad agencies BrillMedia.co builds bespoke programmatic advertising systems.

Develop expert knowledge about the elements of the programmatic ad buying ecosystem. Get a custom ad-buying-systems recommendation, meet with partners, onboard and get training.

Build systems to

  • Best connect first party and third party data
  • Identify the DSPs that are most aligned with your buying strategies
  • Define the best optimization approaches for your clients
  • Leverage PMPs to create your own ad network
  • Model audience data
  • Dynamically reach the same consumer with updated messaging
Build Ad Buying Systems

Create a bespoke programmatic buying solution for your media agency or marketing group

Programmatic Education

Learn about the programmatic ecosystem with hands on enterprise training.

Optimization Training

Hands on keyboard training across ad buying and DSP platforms

Enterprise Solutions Blog

Programmatic Is Here To Stay

77% of US marketers say they’ve now bought media using programmatic advertising technology

– eMarketer