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How You Can Hire a Senior Media Team Without Spending a Cent

How You Can Hire a Senior Media Team Without Spending a Cent

Increase agency revenue and lock in your client relationships.

Get $100 Paid Media On Us

Completely Free – No Purchase Needed

Get $100 Paid Media On Us

Completely Free – No Purchase Needed

You have spent weeks and months cultivating a new client relationship. There have been countless zoom meetings, regroups, kick off calls, and debriefs. You’ve created custom proposals and catered to the client’s timeline.

You’ve EARNED the advertiser’s business, and then some.

We know the universal truth for agencies: the best way to grow your business is to keep existing clients happy and to foster organic growth.

Even with the best team in place, organic growth is easier said than done, because clients may need more services than your agency offers. If you do creative work, traditional media, or strategy work, digital advertising is the missing piece to get your work in front of consumers. It’s a linchpin service that businesses need, so it’s a vital service to offer your clients. Digital advertising is the most direct way to reach hyper-targeted audiences to provide meaningful growth outcomes. Your clients need predictable, repeatable, and scalable business growth that digital ads provide.

A paid media partnership is the most direct way to drive completely new agency revenue and lock in client relationships. All of this happens with zero additional costs.

Your agency can onboard a robust, senior media team without hiring new staff. Your new team can start earning you revenue and profit, depending on your clients’ needs, from day 1.

There is no tenuous integration period trying to cram a numbers team into the workflow of a creative team, or a strategy team. You don’t need to learn how to use complex ad buying tools that have $1MM+ minimum ad spend requirements. Your existing team doesn’t need to become highly versed in the intricacies of data driven media buying.

Increase Agency Revenue Exponentially

Paid media is critical to businesses. In the U.S. in 2022, advertisers will spend more than $300B in media. $240B alone, is being spent in digital.

Paid media has exponential growth potential for every agency. Instead of charging for full time employee (FTE) hours or project scope, you can charge a percentage of media spend.

Your media buys can be 10 times higher, and your agency fees increase proportionately to the higher media spend. Your work comes from client management and communications. Your white label partner handles the intricacies of media buying and performance outcomes.

Lock In Client Relationships

If you’ve ever felt concerned about having another agency in the mix, you can mitigate those concerns with a white label media buying partner.

You don’t need to have other agencies talking to your clients, giving them ideas, and potentially putting your relationship with them in jeopardy. When you offer media buying services, you are locking out competitive firms from selling other services to your clients. At the very least, you are defending existing business. At most, by offering a more complete solution, you have a more competitive offer to win new clients.

Agency X* Case Study

Agency X is a media strategy agency. They work with advertisers in entertainment, restaurants, and ecommerce, helping the advertisers drive sales. Agency X services include marketing strategy, social content posting, creative development, data strategy, and sales analysis. The agency doesn’t have a media buying team, so they go to market with Brill Media as a white label solution.

All the talent, platforms, insights, and capabilities that exist inside Brill Media are available to this agency. Brill Media creates proposals and campaign dashboards with the Agency X logo, creates presentations in their PowerPoint format, and even uses the agency’s email accounts to be on advertiser-facing emails.

Most importantly, Brill Media runs the advertising campaigns for Agency X clients, driving new leads, sales, and foot traffic.

This partnership has yielded over $2,500,000 in new agency revenue for Agency X. Advertiser campaigns are recurring, the agency's head count is growing, and new client continue to come onboard, telling us the combination of Brill Media’s performance and Agency X’s services fosters organic growth.

* Anonymized to protect agency/client confidentiality

Your Opportunity

You know how competitive it is to not just win clients, but to keep them over the long-term and to maximize the revenue from them. Of course, the best way to achieve this is to offer outstanding service and excellent results.

‘Hiring’ an investment-free senior media team will help you to take a much more compelling proposition to the marketplace and differentiate your agency from the countless others that don’t have a similarly robust offer. As the above case study shows, there is also substantial additional revenue that you can start generating in the next 30-60 days.

Call (818-720-1632) or email us ([email protected]) to discuss in greater detail and see if the opportunity is right for you.

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today