Vine is my favorite social media platform and I’m sad to see it go. In celebration of the community and the silliness of the platform here are 10 of my favorite Vines!

It’s a great community with lots of talent. These creators are going to YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, and they’ll have amazing careers. They’ll be funny regardless of the platforms they are on.

For those of us who were part of the community this is a lost opportunity to connect, to laugh, to commiserate, and to be part of the bleeding edge of pop culture.

Vine is where I learned about the Nae Nae, dapping, being Shook and the foodie hip hop classic Yung Poppy Do You Want A Burger!

I hope someone comes in, swoops it up, throws some ad units in the stream, starts charging for content integrations, re-re-invigorates the brand and lets us consumers, creators and community members be part of pop culture in six-second increments.

For marketers large and small this is a reminder that opportunities are fleeting, and that social media strategies should be diversified just like ad spend and your financial portfolio.





Manon Matthews, Brandon Calvillo and Vinent Marcus


Dante Smith


Chewntang, Pastatute, Chloe LMAO


Jerry Purpdrank, Dan Nampaikid, Curtis Lepore


Brittany Furlan


Rudy Mancuso, KingBach


KingBach, Anwar Jibawi


Uldouz and C-lo