Independent Business Leads

Drive Sales And Leads

$1,500 / Month

Digital Marketing Framework

Deep Dive Strategy Call

Engage with a 60 minute deep dive discovery where we understand the key transformational value to your clients. You’ll get a simple marketing strategy showing how we’ll drive leads and sales.

Conversion Page

Capture prospects full name, email address, and phone number.

Targeted Ads

Get full ad development, creative, targeting, and optimization.

Marketing Automation

Build trust with your prospects after they have converted.

Can You Use 2-10 New Leads Daily? is including $500 in Facebook™ and Instagram™ ad spend to new customers. To claim yours simply SIGN UP and book a call with our strategist!

What You'll Get:

A custom digital marketing strategy to maximize your ad spend and generate REAL customers from the two most popular social media platforms FACEBOOK™ and INSTAGRAM

$500 in ad spend INCLUDED when you work with us!

Marketing automation emails sent immediately after people convert to build KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST!

Proven FB Ads Setup

These four funnels, along with their variations, are the starting framework for generating leads. We then test different images, copy points, and targeting parameters to drive performance.

Funnel A – Page Likes

Step 1a. Page like ad

Step 2a. Remarketing to recent page engagers

Funnel B – Site Visitation

Step 1b. Traffic ad for site visitation

Step 2a. Remarketing to site traffic

Funnel C – Landing Page Conversion

Step 1. Cold traffic optimized to site lead conversion

Funnel D – Lead Ad Conversion

Step 1. Cold traffic optimized to on Facebook Leads

Strategy Driven Digital Marketing

With expert data, targeting, and technology from the EXPERTS at

Stop Playing. Start Strategizing.

With expert social media strategy help from the EXPERTS at Brill Media

Who Is

The modern marketing strategy experts! Spot On Digital Marketing By is our social media powered lead generation and advertising strategy offering. Our advertising experts helps business owners scale using proven funnel marketing strategies.

Program Details

After a 1 hour strategy and deep dive call all of this work is Done For You
Make Marketing Work For You

This affordable marketing framework is setup to grow your business, right now, when you need it the most. 

-Robert Brill, CEO,

Lead Essentials

Drive New Daily Leads
$ 1,500
  • 1 Hour Strategy Call
  • $500 Ad Spending
  • Custom Conversion Page
  • Ad Creative Development
  • Ad Targeting + Optimization
  • Marketing Technology Setup

Lead Deluxe

Daily Leads & Social Media Posts
$ 2,200
  • 1 Hour Strategy Call
  • Deluxe: $750 Ad Spending
  • Custom Conversion Page
  • Ad Creative Development
  • Ad Targeting + Optimization
  • Marketing Technology Setup
  • Deluxe: 9 Social Media Posts
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