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In this post, we are rounding out the use cases for dynamic creative.

Today we’re rounding out the use cases for dynamic creative.

Let’s jump right into it:

  1. Optimize ads to the ones that drive the strongest click thru rate, return on investment, return on ad spend, and cost per acquisition

The logic on this setup is really about letting different creative executions run, and giving the algorithm the flexibility to put more emphasis on creative that will perform the best.

This logic is good if you aren’t sure which messages will resonate with consumers, and you want to test.

  1. Turn on live video feeds inside ads

This setup is custom, and has many implications.

If you want people to watch your live online concert, or your TV channel, you can pipe in the live feed for this video.

The user will see a video ad, and know that the stream in the ad is live, and they can watch immediately.

For network TV, on the other hand, a variation of this setup is to show the first 1-2 minutes of an episode to capture the user’s attention.

The dynamic part, then, will be to change the content that’s delivered.

That way, in the copy within the ad, the advertiser can reference the latest episode. So, the user gets a message that is current.

  1. Show a product feed defining how many units of the product are available to buy

This is great for online retailers that want to create urgency, especially if there are low levels of inventory left.

You can create an ad that shows the actual amount of product left, or in a variation of this setup, show a countdown clock with an expiring offer.

The dynamic part here is being able to tell the consumer the offer expires at 6pm PT if the user is in LA, or showing 9pm ET if the user is in NYC.

  1. Use proven ad frameworks for international campaigns

Finally, there is a language extension opportunity with dynamic creative.

If you have the framework, images, copy, and fonts, already proven effective in the US, you can take the same ads and turn them into language appropriate ads for French Canada for example.

By detecting the language set inside a user’s browser, an ad that was programmed in English can be changed to French.

So you can see, if there’s a need to have sophistication on how your ads are delivered, with robust customization capabilities, dynamic creative gives advertisers the tools to make all of this happen.

That’s it for Use Cases For Dynamic Creative. In the next post we’ll continue our discussion about dynamic creative ads.

Robert Brill

Robert is the CEO of, host of the LA Business Podcast, and host of The Great Reset on YouTube.

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