Turn Your Small Business Into A DIY Ad Agency

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As someone that manages dozens of Facebook ad accounts for clients and believes in the power of digital advertising, I know how important it is to have good data to run successful campaigns.
Advertising DataToday we’d like to introduce you to Robert Brill.So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. started because we saw an opportunity to give businesses access to the same tools, capabilities and expertise that are usually reserved for large advertisers with hundreds of millions of dollars to spend. In 2010, advertising took a turn towards mass automation with behavioral data and algorithms decisioning. Both create powerful ways to reach consumers. I was there helping transition my agency employer into the age of programmatic ad buying and I was an early adopter of this new age of digital advertising. So, we began in 2013 to offer marketing and advertising solutions to small and mid-size businesses so that they could benefit from these massive opportunities. Since then, we’ve taken on multiple agency clients and advertisers who want to leverage data and automation in their advertising practice.

As someone that manages dozens of Facebook ad accounts for clients and believes in the power of digital advertising, I know how important it is to have good data to run successful campaigns.  If you don’t base your advertising on the data about your audience; who they are, where they spend their time and what their purchasing patterns are,  you cannot really have a successful campaign. Marketing is all about showing the right message to the right audience at the right time. And, in order to have all those “right” things? You guessed it – you need data.

Facebook allowed many marketers to gain access to Facebook’s database that we can now use to successfully run Facebook Advertising Campaigns. 

But what if you don’t want to only be on Facebook? Historically, the data was only available to the big advertising agencies. But through a new platform I learned about from Brill Media, small business can now learn how to leverage other data to do effective marketing outside Facebook.  

The big ad agencies have sophisticated techniques like programmatic marketing and hyperlocal targeting to maximize their ad potential. This is great, but not really easy to grasp by small business owners. Another problem is that many of the techniques used by larger advertising firms in the past have been out of the price range for smaller companies to successfully use it. This made it harder for small companies with big ideas to compete. What is cool about is that they created DIY tools that now levels the playing field for smaller agencies and businesses.

Brill’s strongly held belief that small-to-mid sized ad agencies offer significant value to the growth of the industry is what led his company to develop free training and access to their ad technology.

“Brill Media is a hyperlocal advertising agency, which means that we have the tools and technology to help local business nationally. We use combinations of latitude and longitude data, IP address targeting and over 100k data segments to micro-target ads on to people based on where they are in the physical world. If you are a small company that wants to develop in-house depth we’re a great mentor for that. We train people in the techniques, we offer access to our tools, and we also show people how to sell this service to their clients. If anyone was going to offer this training or these tools, it had to be us,” says Robert Brill – Founder and CEO. 

They provide access to over 50 different sources of digital advertising inventory and more than 40 different data suppliers giving us access to user segments based on purchase intent, interest, travel behavior, granular financial data and nuanced lifestyle categories. Their technology has made them a white label ad buying service for firms all over the country. 

Small businesses have to look for ways to stay competitive and grow their service offerings and utilize those resources that are available. Whether that is training, conferences, social channel networking, or reselling—the success of a nation’s economy is tied to its small businesses. 

The health of the online economy is likewise dependent upon those small businesses and innovators to disrupt and reinvent. 

See the whole article about digital advertising on Huffington Post.

Robert Brill

Robert is the CEO of, host of the LA Business Podcast, and host of The Great Reset on YouTube.

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