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Checklist: 9 Must Know Items For A Successful Paid Media Launch

What should you know prior to launching a paid media campaign?

We see businesses launch campaigns and they don't have a good reason why. They launch a radio campaign because they had a radio seller approach them. They have a local television station approaching them and, 'Hey, local TV sounds good.' Or they read a lot about Facebook ads or a lot about TikTok ads, so they want to try them.

There are 9 key elements that business owners and agencies must have in-house prior to launching a media campaign so that your paid media investment can bring you as much return as possible.

1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

You must have an understanding of what you're trying to accomplish for the campaign

2. Sales or Lead Goals

How many leads/sales do you need?

3. Baseline Metrics

What is the cost per lead or cost per sale that you have achieved in the past or that you want to achieve?

4. Audience Data

Who do you want to reach? Why are they buying from you?

5. Background On Prior Advertising Efforts

What worked or didn't work in the past? What have we learned?

6. Understanding Business Economics

What's the value of a lead? What's the value of a sale?

7. Channel strategy

All the prior information gets us to a recommendation for the channels we should run: Facebook ads for a specific reason; TiKTok ads for a specific reason; and connected TV for a specific reason reason.

8. Optimization Goals

What are your expectations from every channel?

9. Consumer Journey

Is there a clearly defined consumer journey?

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today