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Understanding Contextual Targeting for Advertising

Let's talk more about data in the programmatic ecosystem, specifically about understanding contextual advertising.

There's a lot of data in the programmatic ecosystem. In addition to audience data, you have contextual targeting data, which really identifies what the user is looking at right now. And really for contextual targeting, it's an identification of what the user is consuming at this very moment.

If they're reading about news in Los Angeles, if they're reading about Toyota, if they're reading about the LA Dodgers, or major league baseball, or Leonel Messi -- whatever the case is -- we know what the user is interested in at this very moment. The ads can then be targeted based on that specific interest.

So for something a little bit obscure in the United States, think about the soccer team Paris Saint-Germain. You know that I'm a fan of the team because I'm on a page reading about that content where Leonel Messi and Bombay and Neymar are playing. There's a great opportunity to serve me an ad for what you know I'm interested in, which might be a Paris Saint-Germain jersey, for example.

In any case, what's key to understanding contextual targeting is that it's a way to serve ads (using programmatic advertising) based on what user is consuming at this very moment.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today