Powerful Digital Advertising. National Reach.

Hyperlocal Targeting

WHERE you go defines WHO you are.

Leverage powerful and precise mobile data based on interests, behaviors and purchasing patterns.

Use precise latitude / longitude data to target down to the street corner and store address. Target people where they are right now, where they’ve recently been and comprehensive behavioral patterns combined with demographic segments.

Enterprise Programmatic

We build holistic and custom programmatic solutions for agencies and advertisers.


With 84.9% of display advertising in 2019 running through programmatic pipes it is essential to make it work. Match data, creative delivery, performance optimization, real time insights, and abundant ad targeting to drive business outcomes.

Create A Programmatic Profit Center
 Develop New Revenue Opportunities
 Bundle Creative And Media Packages

Small Business Marketing

The best of Hyperlocal Ads, Influencers, Social Media and Facebook Advertising delivered within 5 miles of your store address.

Marketing strategies scaled for local and small businesses.

About Us

  • Tony Price
    Tony Price Director, Client Services

    Tony is the Director, Client Services, with 16 years experience working in digital media and marketing. Prior, Tony held leadership roles at media agencies in Los Angeles

  • Linda Mansour
    Linda Mansour Account Manager

    Linda is our Account Manager overseeing day to day client communications and project management work. Linda has over 20 years of media and marketing experience, touching TV, radio and digital media throughout her career.

  • Robert Brill
    Robert Brill Founder and CEO

    Robert is the Founder and CEO of BrillMedia.co. Prior, Robert held senior leadership positions for agencies in Los Angeles and New York, and has developed programmatic solutions since 2010.