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Dynamic Creative For Creative Teams

Dynamic Creative For Creative Teams

In this post we are focusing on dynamic creative and how it can be deployed for marketers.

When we talk about dynamic creative we’re talking about letting the ad messages change based on the connection to the user, using technology.

If you aren’t using dynamic creative, you are developing fully contained ads that don’t change.

If you want to change the ads, you need to re-create them. So, when you deliver a banner ad that’s jpg or html5 that ad is fully contained.

Alternatively, when you create a template that changes the ad copy or image based on a logic, that’s when you are using dynamic creative.

Here focus on the benefits to the creative team, and the business, for being responsive to the marketplace’s changing needs.    

  1. Ability to change up ad copy or images without having to recreate whole new ads

This is important, because if something changes in the world, you can keep the same advertising template, and change the copy and the images.

For example, if you are running a sale from Friday to Sunday, dynamic creative allows you to log into a platform, and change the message.

For example, for your retail store, instead of the usual messaging, which may be: “Lowest prices, guaranteed.” You can set it up so that on Friday through Sunday you swap out the text to say “Sale Friday through Sunday”. And then you set it to go back to “Lowest prices, guaranteed” on Monday.

  1. React swiftly to marketplace conditions

As the Coronavirus pandemic spread across the US and places shut down, that was an important moment for messaging to change.

And, with all the uncertainty, there are changes happening regularly.

For example, if you operate a restaurant in Los Angeles, a dynamic creative template would allow you to change your messages without developing whole new ads.

On 3/1 your message would reflect your latest promotion, say “Kids eat free”, with an image of a happy family including a kid. By 3/31 your message would read, “We’re still open for pickup”, and show an image of a person handing over a meal at the door of the restaurant.

Then, by June the message would be “Come in for outside seating”, with an image of people eating on the outside patio.

So, you can see, for the creative team this vastly increases the ability to develop many creative executions at scale for the advertiser.

On the next post we’ll discuss the benefits of dynamic creative to ad buyers.

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today