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How To Setup Remarketing Campaigns

How To Setup Remarketing Campaigns

In this post, we’ll talk about a sample intermediate remarketing ad setup. This is for a business that knows how to do something simple, like site remarketing, and wants to make the targeting more robust.

If you do site remarketing you are serving ads to people who are visiting your site. A more advanced way of doing this is by segmenting your audience by the pages they visit. For example, for B2B advertisers, you can remarket to people who visit your landing page as one group, and people who visited every other site on your page as another group.

To do  this in Facebook go to Business Manager, Custom Audiences, and input the URL you want to target. In this setup, you’ll be able to identify the people who visited a specific set of pages on your site, and then whenever those people are seen, we can serve them ads. You can then send one type of creative to people who visited your landing page, and a separate message to people who visited the rest of your site.

From here the opportunities are endless, because you can segment users in a lot of different ways.

On Google Ads, you can do the same setup as you did on Facebook. Something interesting, then, is to identify all YouTube channel visitors, and remarket to those people with an ad that references that speaks to them with the common knowledge that they have seen your specific videos. To deploy this targeting you can go to Google Ads, Tools & Settings, Audience Manager, and choose the YouTube selection.

A third, and yet more advanced option, is to work with a company that runs on The Trade Desk, and segment out users on the site similarly to how you did it on Facebook. So, if you want to identify people who went to a landing page, or a purchase page, banners will run only to the people who have been to those specific URLs on your site.

In the next post we’ll talk about an even more advanced remarketing framework that you can deploy.

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