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Our client wanted to build a business doing strategy work when clients wanted media buying solutions.

She is a highly respected media executive, with high level relationships with top brands across the US and is known for her thinking.

But the big opportunity is in ad buying.

She didn’t want to build a media team because it's not the work she’s experienced in or passionate about.


The client kept the strategy solutions work in-house, and outsourced media buying to white label ad buying group, Brill Media.

The Brill Media team gave the client everything that she and her team needed: presentation decks built with her company’s imagery, dashboards built for her clients and media campaigns activated on best-in-class demand side platforms.

Weekly calls with the client and our ad buying team, and even her clients.

The Brill Media team had our client’s email address, and still serves as a reliable extension of her business.

We even attend in-person client meetings, pitches new clients, and create opportunities for Agency X to grow.


The multi-year successful media buying partnership resulting in over $2,500,000 media buying duties earned.

High client renewal rate with some of the biggest brands in the US while maintaining high Return On Ad Spend for their campaigns.

*Agency X is anonymized to protect agency/client confidentiality

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