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Advanced Remarketing Setup

Advanced Remarketing Setup

We are going to talk about advanced remarketing setup in this post. I’ll say, this is not the absolute most  advanced setup I’ve seen, but it’s far enough along to where it takes some setup to make this happen.

There are virtually endless variations for advanced remarketing setup, so this is much more an idea starter for your company.

We’ll start with an example for selling products. Something we are running on our campaigns is segmenting users based on the individual products being sold.

There are couple ways to do this. In The Trade Desk we have mapped each individual product URL, and created different audiences for each product. This means that a person looking for a red t-shirt is going to in a different remarketing bucket than the person who is looking at the blue t-shirt.

These different users might overlap, and there are ways to combine and exclude. But for this example, we put people into different buckets, and look for data to tell us which product is most interesting to consumers based on ad data.

In other campaigns, the users in each bucket are getting different message when they are paired with dynamic creative. That is to say, a user who looked at the red shirt gets an ad for a red shirt. The user who looked for a blue shirt, gets an ad for a blue shirt. This way, the ad is customized to the user’s interests.

On Facebook, we routinely test ad targeting to people based on their recency in the remarketing pool. For example, we test 2 days in the remarketing pool, 3-7 days in the remarketing pool, 8-30 days in the remarketing pool, and 31-90 days in the remarketing pool. Larger audience are good, but we want to know if larger audiences are going to convert more effectively than smaller audiences.

So, with advanced remarketing setup there is much more upfront work, and coordination with pixels, a strategy based on consumer insights, and iteration.

Further, it’s not enough to set this up. Next step is to optimize and take action in a way that allows the campaign to be successful.

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