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App Remarketing Opportunities

App Remarketing Opportunities

App remarketing is a great way to pull users through a purchase funnel when the user is having an experience directly insider an app.

In the past we’ve used app remarketing to get people to fund apps they’ve registered for, register for apps they’ve downloaded, and to download apps they’ve clicked on an ad for.

Using software development kits from companies including Facebook, Kochava, and App Annie any app owner can track when an ad is seen, clicked on, and turns into a download.

These same attribution tools track when an ad impression results in registration or funding inside an app.

The core idea here is to identify key steps in the consumption funnel for a particular app, and then to remarket your way to success, just as you would remarket a site visitor, or a product purchase page.

Advertisers who use these techniques include casual gaming apps, ride sharing apps, and really any app owner who wants people to use their app.

A funnel can work like this:

  1. Target ads to people on iOS or Android
  2. Anyone who clicks on the ad goes to the app download page

Stop here for a moment, and if the user doesn’t download, they get pushed into a remarketing pool so they see ads asking the user to download the app.

  1. Users who download are tracked.

If the user downloads but doesn’t register, then these people are in a different remarketing pool asking them to register.

  1. Users register.

If they don’t then do the next desired action, such as play a game or fund the account, these people are pushed into yet another remarketing pool, asking them to play a game or fund the account.

You keep narrowing the audience so your messages get more and more targeted. Then repeat at the beginning so more people enter your funnel and get involved with your app.

So you can see this way remarketing is a needed nudge to get your key consumers to take action.

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