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Deploy Over 500,000 Advertising Data Segments

There are four important data sets that are used for ad targeting. With these data sets clients enjoy 10-30x return on ad spend powered by consumer data, remarketing, and look a like targeting.

Email addresses are used to target banner and Facebook ads

Email Addresses

Use email lists as the targeting signal

Cookie data is used by advertisers to reach people on PCs and desktop


Track and target people based on website visitation

Mobile devices track where people go in the physical world

Mobile Ad IDs

Capture user activity based on in app activity

Social data is one of the signals used to target people

Social Data

Activate targeting based on social engagement

Activate Owned Advertiser Data

Reach people who have a prior connect to your business. In doing so activate past buyers, people who have abandoned cart, and who are expressing interest.

Use the advertiser's owned proprietary data to reach customers
Look a like targeting helps expand advertiser data

Amplify With Look A Like Targeting (LAL)

Find buyers with similar characteristics as your current customers with powerful look a like advertising data

Use data from over 150 providers to reach customers with over 500,000 segments

Activate Syndicated Data

Precision data targeting at scale

Use the best data from massive data companies to fuel your digital targeting. A few of our partners are listed below.

Use data from over 150 providers to reach customers with over 500,000 segments

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Deploy targeted data to reach your best customers