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Leverage the power of revolutionary targeting of hyperlocal advertising with one-to-one location targeting using a custom built array of intelligence platforms.

geo-behavioral location advertising lets marketers reach users based on their location in Los Angeles

Location Advertising

Users who are connected to the internet and go about town are transmitting their interests, behaviors, locations, and preferences. Marketers target users based on where consumers are in the physical world.

Hyperlocal location advertising reaches users based on where they are right now using latitude and longitude data from their mobile device
Place based remarketing lets advertisers reach people based on where they have recently been

Place Based Remarketing

If location behaviors tell you about your consumer, then this targeting is a boom for your business. Activate advertising to consumers who were recently at a location. For example, target people who recently were at Walmart, the mall, or your competitors locations.

Behavioral Targeting

Connect physical targeting data, behavioral preferences, and user attributes to reach a customized segment of your audience.

Location behavioral targeting allows advertisers to reach people based on the aggregation of locations and demographic interests they demonstrate

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Turn on hyperlocal mobile targeting to reach your best customers