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Cookieless Advertising a New Approach to Paid Media

Let's talk about the ramifications of recent changes to advertising data across paid media. In addition to relying more heavily on contextual targeting, marketers are having to look at their paid media ecosystem in a different way due to lower data fidelity.

As a result of Apple's App Tracking transparency in Update 14.5,
Meta has changed the way they report an attribution. Some of Meta's attribution numbers are now estimates, which creates lower data fidelity for advertisers. There are other implications as well. Google has started to take away reporting in its Google Ads platform that shows the queries that triggered a keyword ad to be delivered.

These changes to advertising data and many more require advertisers to approach paid-media attribution and performance differently. Advertisers need to take a more holistic approach to how they look at the performance of their paid media and the growth of their business.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today