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Coronavirus Good News: Some Positive Perspectives

Coronavirus Good News: Some Positive Perspectives

Although it seems like bad news is all around us with Coronavirus, there are points of light to see in the haze of darkness. Here are six points of good news with coronavirus.

While Apple Stores are shut down across the world, Apple Stores remain open in China. This tells me Apple feels confident in purchase habits, and health safety in China.

China is showing new infection rates at about 40 per day, down from its peak of over 4,000 new infections per day in February. The most recent news shows 11 new infections per day. This is great.

The market jumped from 4% up on the day to 9% up on the day during the Trump press conference on Friday 3/13/20, where he and business CEOs outlined a coronavirus response.

Italians spread joy in their neighborhoods and across the world by singing in groups from their homes and balconies.

We’re finally taking big steps to combat this virus in the US, which is a big step toward limiting infections, and ultimately slowing, then stopping the virus.

There is an official coronavirus tracker for the world. I came about this from the Cuomo news conference streamed live on Facebook sometime either 3/12 or 3/13. According to Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, Johns Hopkins has been tracking every single case of coronavirus in the world. This is good news because there have been various fake sources of this information, and this one is real. You can see verifiable news linking Cuomo and this page in this CNBC report.

Click to see the live coronavirus tracker.

Bonus 1

People are rediscovering each other.

Coronavirus message sent from Twitter

Bonus 2

The first large scale trial of a potential Coronavirus cure is going to trial according to Business Insider.

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