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How Frequently Should You Run Creative Testing on Paid Media Campaigns?

What's the best creative testing frequency for paid media? Creative testing never ends, but there are some cyclical elements to it that can be time defined.

For social media, and for Meta ads in particular, we advocate a 30-day cycle of creative testing. During the first three to five days, do the control variable testing. This is where you break out the headline, the primary text, and the image or video and run them against generic elements. Take the top performers from this group and run them as dynamic creative ads, optimized to leads or sales. The number 1 post ID from that ad becomes your winner. That one post ID becomes your proving ground, the ad to beat.

So while there may not be an exact creative testing frequency, this same creative testing framework can then be used on your next batch of Meta ads.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today