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What Does Creative Testing for Meta Ads Look Like in Practice?

Have you done any creative testing with Meta ads?

This is a process that will find your best customers, train Meta's machine learning algorithm, and give you direct feedback on the products that resonate most with your customers.

One of the key ways we draw out creative learnings is through a robust creative testing framework, specifically one that we can deploy on Meta. I'll briefly share with you the scientific method we use for control and variable testing on Meta.

There are three fundamental elements to a Meta ad:

1) the image in the middle, which can also be a video

2) the primary text at the top

3) the headline at the bottom. First, we disassemble the primary text, the image or video, and the headline and test them against generic variations of those elements.

So if we're testing five different primary texts, the image and the headline are going to be the same, but five different ads are going to have five different primary texts. We then know the one that works the best is doing so not because of the image or the headline. Instead, we know it's working the best because the primary text is better than some of the other ones. This is just one example of how to deploy creative testing Meta ads.

And if you're still not sold on the idea, see this video on why you should even be doing creative testing in the first place.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today