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Dumpling: Look Into Gig Economy New Tech Startup Apps

Dumpling: Look Into Gig Economy New Tech Startup Apps

You now have an opportunity to own your share in the gig economy app world, without having to rely on a big corporation to set your rates. In exchange for a small monthly fee to a facilitation technology, you get to operate your own business with all the ups and downs that come with it. Including marketing, operations, and your books.

If this sounds interesting to you it should be. This new tech startup, just last year earned 3 million dollars in funding. It is making this all possible.

Meet Dumpling.

This gig economy app technology is billed as a grocery startup taking on Instacart. Instacart is having a fantastic year as customers choose to stay home from grocery stores amid the Coronavirus outbreak. And instead work with the service for local shoppers to deliver groceries to their door.

According to New York Times their sales are up 500 percent year over year as of April 29th, 2020.

According to Eater, Instacart will make 10 million dollars in net profit in April, on 700 million dollars in topline sales in April.

What is Dumpling.

So, what’s Dumpling? It’s Instacart, except the shopper is the business owner.

Dumpling is a gig economy app. The backend system that allows the shopper to be the business owner. Setting prices, being the face of the business, and presenting an opportunity for customers to form an ongoing relationships.

Dumpling provides the app, takes care of the payment, and enables full tech infrastructure. Powering the transaction between the buyer and the seller

Why I find this super interesting is that Instacart is a mostly anonymous platform. I can’t build relationships on.

With Dumpling someone can learn our household preferences. As an entrepreneur, I see massive opportunity.

Maybe it’s something as simple as hiring local college students to do the work. I can setup the business and marketing, and have the fulfillment happen with locals that I employ, or pay per trip.

Potential of Dumpling.

Finally, what I think is best about Dumpling is their potential.

They are starting with grocery shopping, but there’s no reason they can’t offer the same service for a whole slew of service-based businesses.

So, keep your eye out for Dumpling. A platform that enables buyers and sellers to meet, and for business owners to create new opportunities on the back of their tech gig economy apps.

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