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Dynamic Advertising Creative

Dynamic Advertising Creative

This post, is the first of a new series focusing on dynamic advertising creative.

Dynamic creative is a really important treasure for marketers, because this technology allows us communicate one to one between the brand and the consumer.

In this series we’ll talk about:

  1. What dynamic creative is
  2. Why it’s so important to marketers
  3. How it is setup
  4. The different types of dynamic creative
  5. Use cases
  6. Technology companies that make this happen

The core idea behind this capability is to create ads that change based on the relationship the advertiser has with the consumer, and this ties into the overall strategy of the campaign, and theory around how marketers should talk to their prospective clients.

One of the things I say to our clients who ask for creative advice, is to mirror the ads to the consumer.

If your customer is a mom, show a mom in the creative. If your customer is a guy at a sports bar, show in the ad a guy at the sports bar.

Dynamic creative gives us a way to do this at scale.

With the mom example, there are moms who like to bake with their kids, others who go to soccer practice, and others who are the main tutor in the household.

There are moms of toddlers, moms of young children, and moms of teens.

If your audience is moms, then it may make sense to segment your ads to all of these different groups, and further, to show creative messages representing all of these different activities and circumstances that a mom will find themselves in.

This way, you aren’t limiting yourself to one or two images of a generic mom in the ad. Maybe the mom who likes to bake with their children won’t respond as well to an ad showing a mom at the soccer game, and that will then hurt your advertising performance.

You’re paying good money with a big financial investment to reach your customer with the best data and targeting available in the marketplace, but then in the last step, the creative delivery, you fall short by being generic.

No one is average and no one is generic. So, with dynamic advertising creative you have a way of forging ahead with creative that speaks with great precision to your customer.

Dynamic advertising creative is a way of using a lot of micro segmentation to deliver ads to people based on that knowledge we have about them.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today