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Dynamic Creative Benefits

Dynamic Creative Benefits

In this post, we discuss dynamic creative with a focus on the benefits for the ad buying team, who is responsible for driving performance for the advertiser.

  1. Run thousands of ad variations without having to create thousands of ad variations

This is the foundation for big opportunity for ad buyers looking to drive results for clients.

We want variation and iteration from a campaign that gives us enough knowledge to understand our audience, their needs, and how we can speak to those needs.

On a very basic level, having many ad variations will yield a small amount that are very successful for the campaign.

Dynamic creative gives us a way to give many variations a chance to be successful.

  1. Benefit from a testing framework that tells the advertiser which creative executions resonate the best

Once we have thousands of ads run the ad buyers can look at data, and gain insight about the consumer.

In a prior post we talked about ad targeting to moms, and showing different types ad execution works the best, we get to learn from it. Maybe ads featuring soccer moms is the top performer.

Then we can go back to the advertiser and alert them that your product does really well for soccer moms.

Maybe this clues them in on a larger trend in their business, that, for example, moms with kids who play soccer are twice as likely to buy the product.

Then our ad targeting can get to be more focused, investing more of the budget to soccer moms, and even tailoring the products that we feature to better align with soccer moms.

So, for ad buyers dynamic creative gives the advertising campaign a way to use data and algorithms. The ability to power up the connection between the consumer and the brand.

Sure everything that I described can be done without dynamic creative, but dynamic creative makes it exponentially easier to do this work, so that more of this can happen to benefit more brands, and smaller advertisers.

In the next post we discuss the logic behind dynamic creative, so you can see how dynamic creative can be used for your business.

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today