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Dynamic Creative Logic

Dynamic Creative Logic

In this post, we will discuss the logic for dynamic creative.

All of the setup we’ve talked about in the previous dynamic creative posts are powered by a logic that must be set on the campaign.

Let’s jump into how dynamic creative can be deployed. This is part one of the use cases, because there are so many of them. We’ll finish this up in the next post.

How dynamic creative can be used

  1. Tell a story with ad messages and control the frequency, order, and cadence of ads that a consumer sees

This is super interesting. Let’s say you want to tell a story using ad frequency.

The first ad the user sees has one message. The second impression has to deliver a specific second message, and then on for however many ads you create.

This gives the advertiser a way to tell a story with the frequency.

A use case here might be a car dealership who is courting people who are in market for a car.

The first impression the user sees tells the message about cost, because we know that cost is the most important thing that your consumer wants to see.

The next most important message is about reliability, so ad impression number 2 is about reliability. The 3rd message is about airbags and safety. The 4th message is about steering.

If it’s particularly important to you the order in which the ads are delivered, you can use dynamic creative to make this happen.

  1. Show ads with messages based on the geography of the user

This is great for retailers. By using a data feed and location analysis, ads can show users where the nearest retailer is.

This technology is used to show a map in the ad image, and a distance between where the user is now, and where the retailer is. This is great for fast food, as well.

  1. Show different product to different people based on their data driven interests

Let’s say that your audience are women 35-54. You can segment users who are moms of toddlers, moms of teenagers, moms who are employed, and moms who entrepreneurs.

You have the ability to use a data from a partner like Acxiom, Nielsen, Experian, and Oracle, to identify which type of person you are targeting.

If your ad is about to be delivered to a mom of teenager, the ad will show a mom with a teenager. If your ad will be delivered to a mom of a toddler, the imagery will be a mom with a toddler.

In the next post we’ll continue discussing dynamic creative use cases, including with opportunities for dynamic remarketing.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today