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Dynamic Creative Weather Targeting

Dynamic Creative Weather Targeting

In this post, we are looking into the logic for dynamic creative, including how to use dynamic creative for remarketing.

Let’s jump right into it:

  1. Show the last product the user looked at on your page

Let’s say you are an ecommerce retailer, whether it’s tickets to concerts, t-shirts, flashlights, or anything else, you’ll know when a person buys, and when a person doesn’t buy.

With dynamic creative remarketing you can identify the people who haven’t bought your product, and serve up ads for the last product they looked at.

In fact, you can go a step further. With this capability you can do a few things, including: simply reminding the user that they are interested in a particular product, giving them a discount coupon to complete the sale, or even showing the user other similar products they might be interested in.

We do this a lot and over time this particular tactic becomes far and away a massive driver of sales and return on ad spend for our campaigns.

  1. Tie the creative to the weather

In another use case for dynamic creative we can tie in weather conditions to the ad the user sees.

By pulling in a weather feed we can identify the weather where the user is, and change the imagery based on the weather conditions.

For a person seeing an ad in Los Angeles it may be sweltering over 100 degrees, a warm 90 degrees, or a balmy 70-89 degrees.

If you are selling ice cream, for example, you can show your brand of ice cream and how it would be great for the consumer right now.

When it’s over 100 degrees show the sun shining really bright over a person eating ice cream. For 90 degrees maybe show a person eating ice cream at the park. When it’s 70-89 degrees show person at home watching TV eating ice cream.

The creative opportunities are endless.

  1. Show different messages based on the content and context of the page

In past episodes we talked about contextual targeting.

We can pair up contextual targeting with dynamic creative.

One way to make this happen is targeting men 18-35. Let’s say the product ties in with sports.

If the page the user is on is about baseball, you can show a guy and some reference to baseball, like a bat, glove, or baseball.

If the users is on a page about football, show football imagery, and so one with every sport that’s relevant to your audience.

That’s one really simple way to connect your brand to the zeitgeist, and really deliver a message that will catch the user’s attention. 

In the next post we’ll round out the dynamic creative use cases for advertisers.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today