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Facebook Ad Account Setup

Do you need help setting up your Facebook advertising account? There are two general philosophies on how to set up a Facebook ad account. We'll talk about narrow, which I think is more common. We'll also talk about broad, which is what I think smart marketers are doing right now.

Inside Facebook, we have three different levels for your ad campaign. The campaign is the highest, ad group or ad set in the middle, and ad at the bottom. At the campaign level, you're setting your objective. At the ad-group level, you're setting your targeting. And at the ad level, you're setting your creative delivery.

At the ad-group level, narrowcast marketers are identifying a lot of different, very narrow audiences defined by age, gender, location, keyword, and interest. Keyword and interest are the two biggest signifiers there. They're targeting a lot of different keywords or interests in a way that lets you understand performance across these different groups. These narrowcast marketers are looking for performance and constantly making changes, and all of the ad groups generally have the same creative.

Stay tuned for more tips for setting up your Facebook advertising account.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today