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How To Improve Facebook Lead Ads

How To Improve Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads are a big opportunity for businesses. They let the marketer convert a user directly from within an ad unit by sharing key points of information such as email address, name and phone number.

Here are three points to remember for lead ad campaigns and some tips for success.


Leverage Facebook’s data to reach consumers by using keyword interests, job titles, demographic data and purchase patterns. In addition to Facebook data the platform provides access to data from three top providers: Acxiom, Datalogix and Epsilon. Targeting allows us to reach users by geography, age, marital status, and a host of behaviors tied to lifestyle and purchase intent.


The ad unit is shows as a picture or video with a call to action. Learn more, sign up or request more information are three great calls to action.

Car dealers can use the Get Quote CTA. B2B advertisers can use the Sign Up and Learn More. Publishers can use the Subscribe button.

Upon click the ad turns into a lead form with a header picture and a paragraph or bulleted description. This is called a Context Card, and it gives the user more information about your value proposition. This step is optional. Finally, the user clicks to a set of questions to submit answers to.

The form fields can be the simple name, email address and phone number, or more and custom fields. They can also be more specific around marital status, gender, company name, relationship status and even custom questions. Membership services can ask questions around the volume of spending in a specific category. For example, a dropdown selection can be created asking for monthly spend on groceries, which is relevant if you are selling a grocery delivery service.

Finally, when the form is completed the user can be driven to your site.


Using third party tools like AdParlor it makes sense to target among separate keyword groups with Facebook lead ads. For example, a B2B marketer targeting cyber security experts can stratify their keyword lists into four groups of job titles like Directors, Chiefs, Managers, and Consultants.

Look at performance for each group and you’ll know which one is the top performer. This stratification also helps us develop enterprise knowledge to share with our advertiser so they can make overall smarter advertising decisions moving forward.


Identify your lead cost and make sure to allow Facebook to spend enough for your lead. So, if a lead is $300 be sure to spend at least $300 in FB ads to drive leads.

Make your lead form simple for people to fill. Less is more, and a lower barrier to completion will result in more leads.

Follow up quickly. Ensure you reach out to your leads in 3-4 days or they’ll forget they even reached out to you.

Evolve your ads by testing creative executions, including the stock photos that FB makes available to advertisers.

Be topical to current events, such as the election, Fall season and big days like Halloween.

Give your users something valuable when signing up, such as a free e-book, free access to your service, or a sample of the product you’re selling

Experiment with forms to find the one that is the highest converter for your business. Ask different questions, make the forms longer and shorter, and keep track of the results for historical knowledge.

Compare performance with website click ads driving to a lead page.

Use Facebook Pixel tracking to identify where your users go on your site after taking action on the lead form

In summary, like most other elements of digital marketing this is new-ish to some advertisers, it’s powerful and Facebook Lead Ads represent a very sophisticated and tailored opportunity for businesses to drive targeted leads. Make sure the content of the ads matches your target and represents your brand appropriately. Make the lead form work for you by customizing it, and don’t forget to make it a simple form for the user. Use Facebook’s powerful targeting to drive to reach a precise audience. Finally, be strategic about how you run your ads. Test for performance, adapt to changing market conditions and incentivize the user with a gift.

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