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Influencer Marketing Ecosystem Updates

Influencer Marketing Ecosystem Updates

In the month since we published the first ever Influencer Marketing Landscape Infographic we received great feedback about the ecosystem.

A few companies who are doing great work with influencers have been added to the chart across categories.

Linqia – Influencer Specialist

A multi-platform business that has built a proprietary influencer discover and activation platform. They ingest information from a seed group of influencers, analyze important content and audience characteristics, and then scale into a large group of influencers who create content for advertisers. They enable the art and the science of influencer marketing strategies to give marketers scalable campaigns with a pay per performance pricing model.

Hello Society – Influencer Specialist

Notably they create and manage Pinterest platforms for brands. With clear specialization reaching female audiences they build content streams and market on platforms including Pinterest, Vine and Instagram.

FindYourInfluence – Double Sided Exchange

Advertisers get all the benefit of influencer marketing without the immense need to build infrastructure or sift through large pools of influencers.  By already connecting to thousands of active and available influencers marketers get directly to the content strategy and activation strategy.  Once the managed or self service campaign is complete marketers pay FindYourInfluence, and they handle subsequent payments to influencers.

Billion Dollar Boy – MultiChannel Network (MCN)

These video specialists out of the UK connect Youtubers, Viners and Instagramers to marketers looking for great content and product endorsement.

Periscope and Meerkat – Social Platforms

It is now possible for everyone to be Truman.  These two live streaming apps give live a whole new meaning.  Users are known to stream from bars, concerts, sporting events, home and abroad, turning everyday events into frenetically gamified, chat-enabled and influential activity. Media companies are sharing backstage moments from newscasts and content creation companies are streaming live events. Some early stars have emerged, includingAmandaOleander (shown in the Creators section), 1AlexKhan and Supcris.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today