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Introduction To Contextual Ad Targeting

Introduction To Contextual Ad Targeting

This is the first of a series of post on contextual targeting.

Contextual targeting is a way to reach people based on the context and content of a page or app. This type of targeting is well within the programmatic advertising ecosystem, and represents a different type of data infused targeting. In this series we’ll talk about:

  • What contextual targeting is
  • Deployment use cases
  • The companies that make contextual targeting work
  • Components of brand safety and contextual targeting
  • Deep dive into some of the tools

In the video above we go right into what contextual targeting is.

The technology is based on webcode that is able to ingest the words that appear on an individual webpage, and determine the meaning of that page.

For example, a page talking about cars would be classified that it’s about cars, and with more specificity, the page will be able to determine if there’s a specific car brand that is being discussed.

In another example, the technology is able to make a distinction between one word that means different things.

Take the word mercury. There is Mercury Auto Insurance. Mercury is a now defunct car brand. It is also the name of the smallest and innermost planet in the Solar System. Based on the surrounding words the contextual targeting technology can make the determination about what is being discussed.

One company that’s in the business is DoubleVerify. The company, speaking about their technology, uses ontological tools that facilitate the semantic understanding of text.

The use linguists and software development specialists to identify over 200,000 language independent concepts, using more than 5 million rules to determine the correct meaning of a word.

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