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Keywords For Google Search Ads

Let's talk about keywords for search ads. This should be especially helpful if you're running Google Search ads and are getting clicks but you're not getting leads or sales. You're probably frustrated that your ads aren't performing and aren't sure what to do.

No matter how big the opportunity is for your business, there's probably a set of keywords that are the absolute pinnacle of relevancy for your clients. These are the keywords that you really want to focus on. You may have 700 keywords that you could run, but really only five or ten of those actually dial in to what your customer wants to buy right now. Really focus on those keywords because they are incredibly important.

You don't need hundreds of keywords. For a long time, we ran two keywords: "white label media buying" and "white label advertising agency." That filled our funnel and got us business. So determine the keywords that perfectly describe the solution your customers are looking for and narrow your keywords for Google Search ads down to those keywords.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today