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Small business marketing Los Angeles
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Impactful Marketing

More than placing ads. Small business advertising creates impactful relationships between your brand and audience. Get the full spectrum of advertising services to grow your business profitably.

Small business advertising
Small business marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy Development

Get a deep dive into your business by looking at past marketing performance, audiences, behaviors, and the competitive landscape. Then, craft a strategy to find your most profitable customers. 

Targeting Across Digital Platforms

Develop communications messages across your top channels to measurable and attributable sales.

Digital advertising across screens
Hyperlocal advertising Los Angeles

Hyperlocal Targeting

Near and far. Wherever your best customers are. Deploy tactical location data to reach people and compel them to buy from you. 

Robubst Data Targeting

Target customers with data segments based on behaviors, web searches, and social graph. Reach the people who need your business the most. 

Small business data targeting
Keywords and creative for search engine marketing

Creative Collaboration

Create all-star ads that drive business growth. Thumb-stopping ads are key to turn interest into sales. Turn on the Brill Media creative testing framework to understand customer needs, and best products and services.

Robust Reporting

You will be directly connected to your advertising campaigns with interactive campaign dashboards. 

Small business ad campaign dashboard
Los Angeles Small Business Marketing

Local Expertise with National Reach

Based in Los Angeles, remote since 2013, and with clients across the US, we run campaigns across the country. 

Small Business Marketing Los Angeles

Small Business Marketing Tactics

Content Marketing

Transform your digital presence with rich storytelling published to your website. Attract readers, and fuel search engine discovery with great website content

small business content marketing
Posting on social media

Social Media

Create customized social media content to attract your ideal audience. Deploy stunning visuals and valuable copywriting to engage across top social media platforms for your business.

Influencers and UGC

Amplify your business reach with influencers. Handpick content creators who align perfectly with your business. Or, create influencer-like content with user generated content (UGC) production companies. 

Small business influencer marketing
Small business email marketing

Email Marketing

Email continues to be a top platform for business communications. Deploy a direct line to your audience with promotions, updates, and language to nurture client relationships.

Local Sponsorships

Work with local institutions to sponsor events, charities, and schools. Create local awareness of your business by being part of the community. 

Community sponsorships for small business

Case Studies

Tourism Advertiser

$18 Per Location Visit

Ticket Sales

6,181% ROAS

Legal Ads

97% CTV View Rate

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

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