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If you run a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, you may require advertising services and solutions that are not your expertise. It would be best to have a white-label advertising agency for Facebook and social media advertising. With a proper white-label Facebook ads agency, you can achieve your client’s goals without hiring any team internally. Below, we have shortlisted a list of the best white-label Facebook ad agencies in Los Angeles, California.

Best White Label Facebook Ads Agency Los Angeles

Brill Media is a white-label Facebook ads agency in Los Angeles that specializes in providing geofencing and targeted hyper-local advertising. Brill Media’s ads experts focus on data-driven tools like audience curation and lookalike audiences to drive high-quality traffic that generates actual sales. Small agencies, large organizations, strategy firms, and brands collaborate with Brill Media as white-label partners. 

2. Umbrella

Umbrella is a white-label digital marketing agency providing comprehensive services, including white-label Facebook ad management. They offer other digital marketing services like SEO, lead generation, billing, CRM, PPC marketing, and media buying. Umbrella helps marketers build businesses with white-label digital marketing services, lead generation, and branding.

3. Canesta

Canesta, previously known as Digitawise, is a complete digital marketing agency in Los Angeles that offers long-term partnerships with clients for their growth. They provide white-label Facebook ad services, which involve researching, analyzing, promoting brands, and creating creative ads. Canesta is a well-known marketing agency in Los Angeles and is trusted by big businesses; it also has partnered with Google, BigCommerce, and Cluth.

4. Daniel Brian Advertising

Daniel Brian Advertising is a premier full-service digital marketing and performance marketing agency based in Los Angeles. They offer white-label branding services, FB ads, marketing, and brand consultation. They specialize in strategic research, creative content creation, white-label media buying, advertising, SEO, and PPC marketing. Daniel Brian Advertising is a leading retail, health care, and finances white-label agency.

5. White Label Agency

White Label Agency is a white-label digital marketing agency that specializes in white-label SEO, social media marketing, website design, and Facebook ad management. Their expert team creates strategic ad sets, builds campaigns, and custom metrics dashboards under your agency’s brand. Using White Label Agency as a white-label service provider allows you to scale your business without worrying about wasting time and internal hiring.

6. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing is a dynamic digital marketing agency providing services since 2005. They offer data-driven decision-making services by leveraging data insights; they can create highly optimized and targeted FB ad campaigns that deliver measurable ROI. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency provides transparent white-label services that build trust and confidence among clients for the entire process.

7. Get The Clicks

Get The Clicks is a white-label Facebook ads agency in Los Angeles that offers a laser-focused approach. They offer complete digital marketing solutions, including Google Ads, SEO, media buying, social media marketing, email marketing, PPC marketing, etc. Get The Clicks ensures addressing all aspects with a strategic approach and consistent brand experience for the targeted audience.

8. Publicity Port

Publicity Port is a complete white-label marketing agency that offers maximum value for your return on ad investment. They have a dedicated account manager to handle and optimize each project based on the client’s needs. Publicity Port offers white-label Facebook ad campaign management at an affordable cost with a dedicated manager to provide support, and large businesses can sell them as theirs.

9. Kyber Digital

Kyber Digital offers white-label digital marketing services for B2B clients, including PPC marketing, FB ads, Google ads, SEO, etc. They optimize ads weekly, provide reports, and guarantee leads every month. Kyber Digital can handle all advertising aspects, such as generating leads, sales, and increasing reach. As it is a white-label service, large businesses can offer this as their service.

10. Intensify

Intensify is one of the best White Label digital marketing agencies based in Los Angeles, have a team of experts with decades of strategic experience. They offer White Label services including SEO, digital advertising, PPC marketing, custom strategy, and conversion rate optimization. Intensify team’s creative ad copy creation, copywriting and custom strategy helps them boost conversion rates and grow businesses.

White Label Facebook Ads Agency Los Angeles