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Radius Targeting Ads

Radius Targeting Ads

In the last weeks we’ve relaunched our site, and today the final version is available.

The streamlined approach reflects the work that resonates with clients. Our focus is hyperlocal advertising, and the work that extends out of that core business is Enterprise Programmatic and Small Business Solutions.

Our focus is hyperlocal advertising, and the work that extends out of that core business is our focus as an agency trading desk. We also offer targeting opportunities for small businesses.

Radius Targeting Ads

Hyperlocal is really three opportunities. It’s the ability deploy radius targeting ads around a location on a map and serve ads to people in that radius right now when they are on high quality mobile apps. Place-based remarketing is the ability to serve ads to users who have recently been to a set of specific places. Geo-behavioral targeting lets us reach consumers whose behavioral patterns indicate they have certain purchase habits, lifestyle characteristics and behaviors.

What are the use cases here? For Hyperlocal its targeting patrons of your competitor’s restaurant all across the city. For big brands it’s targeting thousands of locations on a map where your customers go.

For location remarketing we use device IDs to reach consumer. Did you know that each device has its own fingerprint identifier? That information and the unique characteristics of your phone (model, operating system, the set of apps on the phone, the wifi networks it connects to, repeated latitude and longitude pings and 53 other data points) all go into identifying people down to a set of device IDs. With this information we reach people who have gone to parts of town and into specific stores. We collect these device IDs and reach them wherever they go.

For Geo-behavioral targeting those some device characteristics, along with some data analysis, identifies who you are by where you go in the physical world. All the data is annonymized, and the end result is that we target people who exhibit certain behaviors. For example, if you are frequent business traveler you are going to the airport between 5-10 times a month. If you go 20 times a month you probably work at the airport. We then identify those device IDs and serve ads to consumers with that knowledge. We do this targeting people who eat a fast food restaurants, who are fitness fans, to a total of 27 predefined segments, and we even create custom targets specific to an advertiser’s targeting needs.

These combined capabilities let us target people based on where they go in the physical world.

Agency Trading Desk

Because we have deep relationships with top advertising technology companies from time to time we are asked to help advertising agencies and marketers understand exactly what is needed to have robust advertising solutions in house.

This focus on programmatic advertising is work we’ve been doing since 2011, and so we define the opportunity, educate about the ecosystem and connect our clients to valued partners in the programmatic ad buying ecosystem. Our work lets advertising agencies create new revenue models and marketers make the advertising investment reach further than ever before. From there we help partners learn to maximize advertising on demand side platforms (DSPs), connect to multiple data sources through demand side platforms (DMPs), leverage algorithmic targeting and define the most profitable use cases.

Small Business Solutions

Also extending out the hyperlocal focus are opportunities to help small businesses up their marketing game using a suite of customized services. These services include social media content creation, social media user acquisition, Facebook ads, and remarketing. Together these opportunities represent a big opportunity for small and local businesses to reach precisely their audience with no waste and an attributable bottom line.

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today