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In yesterday’s post we talked about mindset. Today, we continue that conversation about mindset. Sometimes even after we’ve made inroads and we started our thing – the business, the project, the event, the exercise regimen, etc – we’ll start to hit some walls and then bam! The negativity seeps in and we think about how we fail. Let’s address that point.

I Will Fail If I’ve Already Started

The path to success is a long and winding road. A bad mindset sounds like this:

  • It’s hard, and I clearly don’t know what I’m doing
  • I’m not qualified for this work
  • It’s easier for other people

It’s hard, and I clearly don’t know what I’m doing:

The interest and determination to figure out the solution is based on your interest and motivation to overcome challenges. If you run into roadblocks you can either let them stop you, or you can find a way to run right through them, or find a way around them. It’s hard means once you figure it out other people will pay you money to solve their challenges. Either be the person who pays others to solve the tough challenges, or get paid to solve other peoples’ challenges. When you do this you drive value and make some money along the way.

I’m not qualified for the challenges I face:

Learn! Be resourceful, use your best friends Google and Youtube to find exactly the information you need to solve the challenges you face. Work with experts and learn the things they know, and then run laps around them when you are able to take what they taught you and synthesize it with the work you are great at. Productize your knowledge. In my past experience running programmatic advertising campaigns for large brands I was able to access the best in class technologies. Today for I make that same tech available to clients, but small and mid-size marketers need more. They need strategic thinking, simple solutions, access to lead pages, access to social media marketing, SEO services and even review monitoring. This is all a measure of productizing existing knowledge, providing new capabilities to marketers, and making it all work together seamlessly.  The point is that you have the tools available to make things happen, so make things happen!

It’s easier for other people:

Sure. So what? Don’t worry about other people. Know your market, capitalize on what other people don’t do as well, and make things happen for you and your customers. Other people aren’t as motivated. They aren’t looking for better solutions. They want the status quo. You look for alternative and better solutions. Just because it’s easier for someone else doesn’t mean they are interested in that work. And, if they are competing with you innovate and create better solutions. Remember, good is the enemy of great. Good work is disincentivized to strive for great work. It’s the people with motivation, time and energy that will go from good to great. So, if others are good at work you do great. Collaborate, learn and partner. Just don’t talk yourself out of following your dreams and doing the work you love. Finally, on this point, it’s important to know that in most cases passion and enthusiasm for the work will outpace raw talent. There will come a time when the person for whom it’s easy, will simply be “out trained” by people want it more, and are more passionate about the work.

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today