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Should You Boost a Facebook Post or Run an Ad?

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Facebook boost post vs ad
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Facebook boost post vs ad.

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The Brill Media team has collectively spent over $100MM in advertising to deliver consistent business growth with targeted advertising.

When you have the choice between boosting a post on Facebook, or running an ad, which one should you choose. We’ll help you decide.

Meta’s advertising makes it easy for businesses to get eyeballs on a post. But should you use this feature?

Whether you are boosting a post or running an ad through Meta’s Business Manager, you are running an ad. By definition, you are running an ad when you spend money to deliver a message to consumers. With a boost you are spending money to reach your customers.

1. When You Should Boost A Post

Most businesses on Facebook and Instagram are small businesses. There are over 10MM small businesses advertising on Facebook, according to Lendio. But, according to Neil Patel, 62% of companies fail with their Facebook advertising. 

This failure comes in part from lack of a strategy, inability to optimize, and lack of product / market fit. Marketing and advertising expertise is a big factor here. It’s hard to grow your business if you don’t know how to use the tools that generate growth.

If you’re not sure whether to boost posts answer these questions:

  1. Do your boosted posts generate attributable sales?
  2. Does boosting posts inform your business with insights?
  3. Does boosting posts create an intent to purchase that is scooped up elsewhere, like Google Search?

If the answer to these questions is no, or I don’t know, then it’s safe to say that buying with Meta’s Business Manager will be better. 

If your business doesn’t have the ability to spend time optimizing your ad campaign, and will accept getting mostly vanity metrics such as clicks and engagements, then use the boost post feature.

For more consistency and a better outcome invest the time to place pixels for tracking. Consider using lead forms where possible.

2. The Challenge With Boosting Posts

Most companies are boosting posts because they paid money to produce the post and they want eyeballs on their post, or they determined they need likes, comments, and shares on their newsfeed posts. Many companies have heard they need to advertise on Facebook, but they don’t know how. They also have accepted results that don’t actually improve the business for whatever reason.

The problem is your boost post investment is falling way short. 

This is an option Meta makes available to businesses to spend money on Meta. Most companies will use limited targeting to drive engagements and clicks from these posts. There is no consideration about whether that post is even worthy of being promoted, or whether clicks and engagements even move the needle for your business.

Clicks and engagements will not pay the bills. Sales will. So, Brill Media advises clients to skip boosting posts, and run advertising with a more strategic setup powered by the extensive Meta advertising expertise our team has. 

3. Running With Meta's Business Manager

Instead of running boosted posts run ads in Meta Business Manager. 

You can expect the following results when you buy with experts through the Meta Business Manager:

  1. Drive attributable sales to grow your business
  2. Train Meta’s machine learning algorithm to find your best customers
  3. Understand the products, services, offers, and audiences that resonate for your business
  4. Scale your ad spending as your business sales grow

The challenge is that Meta advertising across Facebook and Instagram requires expertise that most business owners, or their team, doesn’t have. That’s where Brill Media comes in.. Even if you are spending $1,000 per month to boost your posts, you’d be better off running that spend on Meta Business Manager.

You’ll learn the types of creative messages that create audience interest. You’ll learn the types of events people want to go to from the ad engagement rates. You’ll understand when sales ramp up, and the data over time will create very accurate forecasting for when ads turn into sales. You’ll know that different types of products and services and how each one needs to be delivered to your audience. You’ll also find out if it even is worth it to advertise a product or service at all.

4. Getting Started

Your business is very important and must be given the right elements to grow. Instead of boosting your post run with experts who understand Meta Business Manager. The Brill Media team will craft a media strategy for you, develop ad creative, and run your advertising campaigns so you achieve the business growth you are looking for. You’ll get comprehensive advertising experience secured by decades of experience, thousands of company serviced, and $100MM+ in media spent across our team. 

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