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Brill Media is a top media planning and buying agency, with a team that has grown thousands of companies and invested $100MM+ in advertising.

Modern media planning and buying is about connecting your brand to your audiences using powerful algorithms and thumb-stopping creative. The 5 steps listed represent the best practices that Brill Media deploys for clients.

1. Review Past Data

Your strategic review looks at past marketing efforts, your customers motivation for buying from you, key business challenges, and the economics of your business.

2. Develop A Strategy

A holistic media buying strategy includes audience targeting details, channels, ad tests to run, optimization rules, and creative deliverables.

3. Buy Media

The media campaign is be setup across all approved channels, including ad groups, campaigns, ad associations, and internal strategies success. Then, the media buying agency work kicks into high gear.

4. Optimize Performance

Focus on performance KPIs to achieve the perfect mix of channels, spend, and creative delivery. Daily pacing, sites and apps, viewability, and channel mix are reviewed consistently. Media buyers maximize algorithmic learning across channels.

5. Report Insights

Real time feedback from consumers about the products, services, offers, and messages helps clients understand which elements resonate most with consumers. These insights power our optimizations, and your business direction.

With the first round of foundational learnings discovered, the Brill Media team continues its iterative media buying process to scale up your business growth.


Media Planning and Buying Experts

Media Planning and Buying Experts

Dedicated Account Team

Work with senior advertising professionals who keep clients informed through every step of their advertising campaigns.

Holistic Digital Advertising

Unlock comprehensive advertising solutions to propel your business growth. Leverage 37 ad different platforms, over 1MM data segments, and 220 top data companies.

Live Campaign Dashboards

Maintain 24/7 access to your campaign details with an interactive dashboard that updates daily.

Custom Growth Strategies

Use the methods and practices that work right now to grow businesses with a team on the front lines of digital advertising.

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Lock in your agency clients and drive new revenue with white-label media buying