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Small Business Advertising Agency

The Brill Media team has collectively spent over $100MM in advertising to deliver consistent business growth with targeted advertising.

If you need to grow your small business this is for you. An advertising agency for small business will help you invest in advertising that measurably grows your business.

Operating a small business is a visceral and life changing experience. We know it all too well. 

There are six core elements that you need to accomplish growth for your small business. This entire process is handled for you by Brill Media.

Read further for education on what to look for, how to think about advertising your small business, and how to create big growth opportunities.

If you want to bypass all this, and get the work done ASAP, you can schedule a time for a discovery call with Brill Media

1. Determine Your Advertising Messages

What you say in your advertising should be based on customer insight and knowledge of the value you bring to your customers. To help with this we ask clients key questions that help us understand your value proposition.

  1. How will sales be generated?
  2. What is the path to purchase for your customer?
  3. Why are people buying from you, and not your competitors?
  4. How many sales do you need to make a difference to your business?
  5. Who is buying from you, and why?
  6. You are looking for key triggers for buying behavior.

Answers to these questions will allow you deliver the best messages to your customers.

Brill Media will help you determine the answers to these questions so your marketing will clearly express the value you bring to customers.

From there, develop ad messages that speak to your customers, and the pain point you solve for them. Brill Media will develop ad messages for your small business.

To start this process fill out the Advertiser Questions Form.

2. Set An Advertising Strategy

With insight about your customers in mind, determine how your advertising will help your small business. Identify your key performance indicators, such as leads generated, sales generated, higher return on ad spend, or lower customer acquisition costs. Understand the number of leads or sales you’ll actually need to grow your business.

Finally, don’t settle for clicks, views, likes, or comments. None of these actions pay the bills. Insist that your advertising build your business in a demonstratable way.

3. Select Your Advertising Channels

According to Connected Council, a research and advocacy group, 82% of advertisers say digital ads help them reach more customers and 80% say advertising allows them to compete with larger firms.

The team at Brill Media will provide you with recommendations about where you should run ads to drive the most sales, and make the most out of your advertising investment.

The most popular channels to run include: Meta, Google, display ads, connected TV, and TikTok. But, with so many channels, your business needs a custom strategy to maximize your growth.

This information serves as the foundation for a successful advertising campaign.

4. Optimize Your Ads Performance

The hard work is just beginning, which reinforces why so many small businesses struggle with advertising. Optimization yields massive returns on your ad spend if you have a team of experts making decisions to improve your campaign. The ads don’t run themselves. Rather, you need a team of experts to:

  • Use historical experience to leverage the mechanics of each ad platform
  • Review data to understand where sales are driven from
  • Conduct ongoing ad tests to determine where your ads should be invested
  • Create value through messaging updates
  • Review long term data to look for consumer trends we can capitalize on

5. Deliver Business Growth

Advertising must perform. That’s a given. But it should also provide insight and feedback on what exactly your customers want. Through expert advertising, small businesses benefit from understanding:

  • The best audiences to market to
  • The best products and offers to deliver
  • The channels that work best to drive growth

So, in order to deliver growth, expect Brill Media to steward you through every step of the advertising process, and give you insight into your business.

6. Make The Most Of Your Advertising Budget

With so many ad channels and marketing opportunities available to small businesses, it’s important to determine where you’ll get the most return on your advertising investment.

1. Creative Services

Turn images and text into thumb stopping creative. In order to stop the scroll for your ideal customer your creative must:

  1. Address the customer’s pain points
  2. Be simple so customers understand your message in seconds
  3. Share a clear call to action
  4. Capture user attention with education, humor, shock, bold colors, timeliness, novelty, or personalization.
  5. Drive to a thought out landing page that is also simple to take action with

Importantly, creative and media go hand in hand. Creative should be tested for ongoing effectiveness, and be set against new ads. Mixes of polished videos, user generated content, images, animations, positive ads and negative ads should be part of that creative testing framework to ensure your best ads are delivered to prospective customers.

2. Strategy

Your media strategy defines a clear path between your small business advertising and converting you best customer. It tracks when your campaign is succeeding, and when it needs improvement. Brill Media sets the media strategy for your clients so your advertising is successful.

3. Meta Ads

The key to success on Meta is to run a creative testing framework, combined with broad targeting, with the goal of training Meta’s machine learning algorithm. Keyword targeting on Meta is old technology; the platform charges you more to run those ads, and long-term success with keyword targeting routinely declines. By running those narrow targeting ads you limit Meta’s ability to find your best customers. Your team at Brill Media will avoid these pitfalls, and many more. Your campaigns strictly follow Meta’s terms of service and ad rules to ensure your ads have long-term opportunity for success.

4. Google Ads

Google is a powerful platform with many different ad experiences, including YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, and Discovery across Google’s owned properties. Keys to success on Google are the following:

  • Strong ad account structure, organized for easy optimization with groupings of similar keywords
  • Recognizing the power of the objective algorithm and using it appropriately
  • Leveraging search retargeting opportunities
  • Creating keyword groups that are narrow enough to drive performance and broad enough to scale
  • Deploy Google Shopping and Performance max for ecommerce campaigns

The most common mistake with Google are: the ad targeting is too broad, the optimization objective is wrong, and the buying team isn’t respecting the algorithm’s learning period. The key strength working with the Brill Media team is we wield the power of combined $100MM+ in ad spend. We know from experience how the platforms are best used to grow businesses.

5. TikTok Ads

Not every advertiser will want to run on TikTok, but for those that do, it’s a very powerful platform. TikTok programs content to users with infinite customization. For TikTok consumers it’s always prime-time viewing. Your brand gets inserted when users are in the mindset for your ad message.

For B2B advertisers, a person consuming information related to your industry is primed to see your ad message.

For B2C advertisers a person consuming entertainment will be primed to see ads for upcoming movies. A person viewing dating and lifestyle content around a holiday will be primed to see ads for a local flower shop, restaurant, or gift shop.

Success on TikTok is using the platform’s native targeting capabilities to reach consumers. You’ll want to target vertical video to people interested in your business and interested in buying from your competitors. Users are targeted based on their engagement with relevant content.

6. Display Ads

Whether its banners on your local news or sports sites, or targeting ad delivery to niche trade publications for B2B advertising, display advertising is a prime channel for small businesses.  

For advertisers with a physical footprint hyperlocal advertising targets ads to user on mobile who are visiting competitive storefronts, or who shop at specific retailers. In other words, location targeting pinpoints your trade area and delivers ads to people in your trade area.

This channel is valuable because it allows for greater reach and frequency at a far lower cost than most search and social ads. By creating additional demand for your small business you scoop up that interest across search and social channel.

Further, one of the display ad tactics that works the best is deploying dynamic ad creative. After a person visits your site they see ad messages based on their site visit. This is powerful ad retargeting that lets small businesses compete with larger brands.

7. Connected TV Advertising

Deliver 15 and 30 second videos on top channels including Hulu, Roku, Pluto, Tubi, and in the future Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Target people in your service area, which can be as small as a few zip codes, or as large as the entire United States. Unlike the constraints of broadcast or cable TV, connected TV ads are targeted to very granular consumer data, such as recent product purchasers, people viewing your competitors ads, or people who searched for similar products to yours.

7. Choosing The Right Partner For You

When choosing the small business ad agency be sure to consider the following factors:

1. Do you like the people you are working with?

The ethos at Brill Media is clients should always be aware of the work we’re doing to grow their business. You should always be informed, and there should be transparency into the advertising strategy. If you aren’t sure what your agency is doing for you, that’s a problem.

Additionally, you should like the people you are working with. While this isn’t a popularity contest, they should be approachable, communicative, and provide context to you. For the Brill Media communication, context, and consistency are important parts of the client experience.

2. Are you working with an experienced team?

The Brill Media team hires experienced advertising and media buying practitioners to handle your business. Don’t settle for people with little to no experience. While ambitious, people out of college and with little experience will make mistakes on your business, and at your expense.

3. Are your campaigns affordable?

An affordable marketing agency for small business isn’t cheap, but the amount you spend is affordable to you. Our advice to clients is to determine a spend amount that you can run for a minimum of 3 months, and ideally 12 months. You’ll start seeing results sooner, in 1-2 months, but to make the most of your advertising investment, the amount you spend should allow for comfortable spending. Affordable should be comfortable for you.

4. Are you getting results?

Clicks and engagement are the runner-up prizes. First prize are leads and sales that grow your business. If your marketing and advertising are not growing your business you need a better advertising partner. 

5. Are you getting insights?

You don’t want to work with an agency that keeps their insights on your business a secret. Agencies are partners on the growth journey of your business. Don’t allow them to gate-keep vital information about your business. Since advertising can function as a real-time focus group, your media buying team will understand the creative messages, products, offers, platforms, and audiences that resonate for your business. You should be getting those insights, too. 

8. Getting Started

Your small business very important for your community, your employees, your family, your customers, and your life. It’s important to work with the best marketing companies for small business that will have your back. The Brill Media team will craft a media strategy for you, develop ad creative, and activate your advertising campaigns so you achieve the business growth you are looking for. Across Meta, TikTok, Google, display ads, connected TV ads, and every other platform not mentioned here, your partners at Brill Media will run advertising campaigns that grow your business.

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