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Improving Your Search Ad Copy

If you're getting a lot of clicks on your Google Search ads but no leads or sales, maybe it's time to reconsider your copy. Here's how to improve the copy for Google Search ads.

There are three main categories of information you need to consider: strategy and technical; the words you use; and callouts.

Strategy and technical really just speaks to the idea that you are trying to get a click. It's that simple. So when you write your ads, write them in such a way that it's motivating the consumer to click. It's very transactional; you're not building that much of a relationship in the ad. So get the person to click.

You have fifteen headlines and four descriptions to choose from. You can run all of those and Google will dynamically assemble those ads. The really big opportunity here is that you get to test a lot of different things. You get to find out what works and iterate on the things that do, which really speaks to why digital advertising is so time intensive. It just takes a lot of work to continue to improve on your advertising.

Let's talk about the words. The words you use are important, so Google advises that you use the phrases from your search key terms in your ads. So what does that mean? To use our business as an example, we run ads for "white label media buying" and "white label advertising agency." So in our ad creative, we show "white label media buying" and "white label advertising agency." We mirror the search term in the creative so people know we are specifically targeting them; we're giving them exactly what they're looking for.

You should also be using a variety of phrases in your ads because Google will optimize to the ones that work. So in our example, we show a variety of things that are related to advertising, programmatic advertising, search advertising, Facebook advertising, etc. They're all headlines that we use to ensure that people can get a sense of what we do. The description becomes more granular because you have more characters to work with.

Lastly, you have the site callouts, which are links to parts of your site that you want to highlight. The site callout is really great because it gives you a lot more real estate on the screen. So for Brill Media, we talk about case studies, capabilities, and testimonials. Callouts are really valuable because when you have more real estate on the screen, there's a greater likelihood that someone's going to click on your ad and go to your site.

These are the elements that you need to really think about as you're creating the copy for Google Search ads. Know that you can iterate and make performance improve over time.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today