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Search Ad Landing Pages Are Important

If you're getting a lot of clicks on your Google Search ads but no leads or sales, maybe you've overlooked the all-important landing page. Let's talk about how to improve the landing page for Google Search ads.

The landing page is the place you drive the users after they click on your ad. There are a couple of factors to consider when you think about the landing page. The first is that the landing page has to be very simple. Just give people a specific action for them to take. It should not be complicated. So here are the characteristics of a good landing page.

There should not be a lot of links on the page. In fact, there should be very few or zero links on the page. And it should be clear what you want the user to do when they see the ad. In other words, once they see the ad, they go to the landing page.

You have a few seconds to get the user to engage, so what's the immediate next step you want them to take? And what's the hook to keep them there or to get them to take the next step? The hook may be a form you want them to fill out. It may be submitting their information, their email address, to get more information about your products or service. The hook could also be more information about your products or services that really educates the consumer.

We often see people who are running Google Search ads on their own make the mistake of driving people to their homepage. Your homepage is a brochure. It's full of information, and the challenge with a lot of information is that it overwhelms the consumer. It confuses them and they ultimately back out of your website or out of your landing page, and you get stuck with a click but no purchase or lead.

So when in doubt, create a landing page for Google Search ads that's clear and simply and leaves no doubt as to what you want the consumer to do.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today