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Search Ad Strategy For Your Business

You decided to run ads on Google Search but are not getting the leads or sales that you're looking for. Let's diagnose the issue and give you some ways to improve the performance of your Google Search ads. There are six things we're going to cover in this video and subsequent videos.

1. Is Google search the right place to run ads for your business?
2. Are you running the right keywords to attract the right customer?
3. Are your ads compelling?
4. Are you driving people to a landing page that is clear and concise with the action you want them to take?
5. Remedying the situation.
6. Creating a testing framework.

Let's start with no. 1, is Google Search the right place to run ads? For many advertisers, the answer is Yes, as Google is a place where people are really interested in getting a solution to a problem that they have. And if your business offers that solution, then that's right place to be.

The reasons why Google may not be the right place are: 1) there's no immediate solution from your business; and 2) it's highly expensive -- you could be in an incredibly competitive market where clicks cost $20 - $40 and it's just out of your range.

Other channels might be relevant if you're the type of product or service that people can consider over time. Once they are ready to make the purchase, you can drive business via banners, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, and/or Tiktok ads. Those all might be more effective for you than Google search. For most clients though, we do recommend they run ads on Google Search.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today