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Hulu Ad Manager Overview

Minimum Spend: $500

Ad Length: 15 to 30 seconds

Video Dimensions: 1920×1080

Targeting: Location, demographics, interest, and behaviors

Screens: TV, mobile, desktop

Users: 110MM Hulu viewers

CPMs: $27 – 54


Why Hulu Ads

Connected TV will be a $91B advertising industry in 2024, and Hulu is an important part of how consumers spend their time watching streaming content. In October 2023, Disney fully acquired Hulu.

Currently, Hulu airs some of the most noteworthy shows available on streaming, including The Handmaid’s Tail, The Bear, and Fargo.

 There are over 112MM users on the platform, and 48MM total subscribers.

Hulu ads can be setup in minutes

Speed To Market

Setup campaigns in minutes, and launch campaigns in days

Hulu always on ads

Always On Ads

Deliver a consistent stream of interest from your customers to your business

Hulu has engaged audiences

Engaged Audiences

3x higher purchase intent from Hulu ads studies

Hulu premium ads

Premium Content

Surround top shows, movies, and star power

Sign Up For Hulu Ad Manager

Signup To Hulu Ad Manager

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up
  3. Enter your business information
Hulu will review your business information, or reach out to get more information. You’ll then get access to Hulu Ad Manager
Hulu ad manager homescreen
Hulu ad manager signup

Campaign Creation Overview

Campaign Name

Hulu campaign name

Date Range

These are the dates you’ll want your ads to run.

Hulu set campaign date range


This is the amount you’ll spend to run ads. 

Minimum Hulu ad manager budget is $500

Location Targeting

You can target by a single zip code, or a list of different zip codes.

You can target by city, state, or designated market area (DMA). 

Hulu location targeting in ad manager

Age and Gender Targeting

If you want to narrow down your ad targeting to people based on their age group or genders make the selection here. 

Hulu age and gender targeting

Audience Targeting

This is where you select the types of people, and their behaviors, that you want to reach.

Hulu audience targeting

Platform Targeting

You can choose to deliver ads on mobile, desktop, or TVs. 

Hulu ad platform targeting

Upload Video Ads

This is where you upload the ad creative. There are key specs to consider. Your videos can be 15 to 30 seconds long, in the format .mp4 and .mov. The file can be up to 10BG. 

Read more about technical specifications and advertising policies.

Upload your Hulu ad for approval

Audience Targeting

Disney Select Data

Disney captures consumer data across its platforms and various user experiences. It is then enhanced and expanded with a collection of additional data sources for maximum reach. This is first party data based on the actions people take across Disney properties. The data inlcudes buyer behavior, household characteristics, and psychographics. Learn more about Disney Select data.


Automotive – including auto care visitors, luxury auto shoppers, recent car buyers

CPG / Beverages – including coffee lovers, convenience stores, pet stores, and tea lovers

Finance – including real estate broker visitors

Media / Entertainment / Gaming – including avid streamers, gamers, and console owners

Restaurants – including burger lovers, pizza lovers, and quick-service restaurant goers

Retail & Apparel – frequent online shoppers and recent shoppers

Tech and Telco – including early adopters and online shoppers

Travel & Leisure – including gym goers and avid golfers



Life Stage – including children in household and home owners

Fandom - Entertainment

Genres – including action and adventure, award shows, comedy, current news, drama, extreme sports, health and wellness, music, movies and political news

Fandom - Sports

Sports – including action, baseball, basketball, boxing, football, hockey, MMA, poker, and more


Including adventure seekers, dog lovers, luxury enthusiasts, night owls, sports fanatics, and more

Brand loyalists for autos, beauty, copmuter, retail, TV, and more

Third Party Data

Third party data is pulled in from companies that aggregate and sell different types of consumer data. 


In-Market – people who are in market for autos, eyewear, luxury products, sedans, trucks, and more

Purchase – people who have purchased books, coffee, groceries, skin care, and other products


Entertainment – including gaming, move goers, and hip hop lovers

Food & Drink – including coffee drinkers and tea drinkers

Home – DIY and interior decor & design

Lifestyle – including beauty enthusiasts, healthy living, and nutrition enthusiasts

Travel – including business travelers, frequent flyers and luxury travel


Careers – including hospitality, managers, self-empoloyed, upper management, young professionals, and more 

Education – college grad, continuing education, and more

Financial – breakouts at $50k+ income, $100k+ income, and more

Milestones – parents with grade schoolers, parents with teens, and more


Auto – truck owners

Home: owners or renters

Pets – cats and dogs

Hulu Ad Specs

All ads must be delivered in high definition with stereo sound. 

All files must be in 16:9 format. 

Duration: 15 to 30 seconds

Bit Rate: 192 to 256kbps

Dimensions: 1920×1080 or 1280×720

Frame Rate: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 or 30 FPS

Review all Hulu Ad Specs


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