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Hyperlocal marketing is a combination of strategies that are effective for small businesses, local franchises, and companies with significant local presence. It allows these businesses to compete more effectively by addressing the needs of your local customers, rather than using less targeted communications. Focus on a highly specific geographic audience, whether itโ€™s a few zip codes, a few miles around an address, a city, or a few local areas.

Hyperlocal Marketing For Business Growth

Mobile and Location Based Advertising

Mobile phones track everywhere people go, and thus businesses can target based on the location of customers. With location based targeting advertising can be delivered to people who are currently near the business, or to people who have recently been to the business.

Location Marketing Campaign
Google maps marketing

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimize the business online presence so that it shows up on local search results. Key to this work is optimizing Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp, and other listing services.

Community Sponsorships

Sponsor local charities, events, and organizations. Put up banner sponsorships on local schools, which can have a great ROI.

Local events sponsorship

Develop Compelling Content

Local Relevance

Create marketing messages for the local community. These may involve weather, sports, landmarks, events, and cultural details.

Create marketing messages for the local community
Social media engagement

Social Media Engagement

On social engage with the community. Run the best posts as ads to reach more people in the local area.


With the use of data in marketing there is abundant opportunity to reach customers with the messages that resonate to them. So, there is an ongoing need for creative iteration to find the right mix of messages for businesses.

Create personalized messages

Data and Analytics Insights

Small business data and analytics

Data Driven Insights

Yes, local businesses can benefit from data-driven insights. These help businesses understand the right products, services, messages and audiences resonate for the business.

Challenges and Considerations
This work can be resource-intensive, but very effective. Hyperlocal marketing requires the development of a strategy, ongoing review, and partners who can help a business make the most from their marketing investment.

Looking Forward
To make these marketing elements come to life work with an in-house expert, or a marketing agency like Brill Media to develop a customized strategy to grow your local business.

Hyperlocal Marketing Services

Dedicated Account Team

Work with senior advertising professionals who keep clients informed through every step of their advertising campaigns.

Holistic Digital Media Buying

Unlock comprehensive paid media scaling systems to propel your business growth. Leverage 37 ad different platforms, over 1MM data segments, and 220 top data companies.

Live Campaign Dashboards

Maintain 24/7 access to your campaign details with an interactive dashboard that updates daily.

Custom Growth Strategies

Use the methods and practices that work right now to grow businesses with a team on the front lines of digital advertising.

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

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